Saturday, May 03, 2008

The relevance of the 00s (Part 10).

I was 17, when one fine day a strange electronic sound was come creeping into my ears, clearing up my brain finally to get ready for this special announciation:
"This is the story of NEWCLEUS, a band of musicians from a far off galaxy, from a place where music and dancing are against all cosmic and computer law. NEWCLEUS - for many years they searched to heavens. This is the story of their search for and discovery off a place where they could be free to be themselves - a place - like earth..."
I was shocked - and delighted; something new has happened in my musical understandings! And of course I watched the career of this band, but not for long, realising that they gave up producing their sounds after only two LPs. So I kept their very likable sounds in my heart and in my brain for many years.
But what I did not know is that Brooklyn's BEN CENAC, the founder of this band, "cooked" his own "soup of sounds" all over the latter years. Last year he announced to release a solo album in the end of it contenting material he composed since 1999.
Almost unnoticed he gave the hardcore fans two unfinished tracks of this still unfinished album, and after a longer while of keeping it sacred err... secret, I decided to give it a spatial stereo sounding and a fantastic lenght like such a fascinating tune does need desperatly.
My philosophy is laying hands softly to originals to grade 'em high up to the heavenly height. I hope this today's song makes your day like mine, giving you all the needed power for going stongly through your lifes, peeps outside! Last famous words: ENJOY! Floyd Anderson.

Here is the info:

'Requiem For A Small Blue Planet'
(chronovisor mix)
music file

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