Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hi:Fidelity Lounge.

Dearest lovers!

After a longer period of nonposting just for the best reasons in the world for me ;-) I proudly present you a fucking sensational hi-quality 4-CD collection today for your personally relaxation. While browsing through the world wide web, I found this unbelievable content of music recently, and I don't hesitate to share it with you immediatly as I found it. So, nothing has been changed, and you all can be fucking suprised of it. You'll surely gonna love it very much, as I do! There's really nothing more to say, exception of: Have fucking fun on it, OK? :-)

Here is the info:

Hi:Fidelity Lounge Vol. 1
Subterranean Soundtracks [1999]

01. Slowdown - Flywheel
02. Ou Est La Femme? - Louise Vertigo
03. Lebanese Blonde (Instrumental Mix) - Thievery Corporation
04. Soulpower (Jazzanova Rework) - Marschmellows
05. Wind & Sea - At Jazz
06. Solid Water (Rainer Truby Trio Mix) - Extended Spirit
07. Notabossa - The Funky Lowlives
08. Para Lennon & McCartney (Lumen Soundsmiths Remix) - A Friend From Rio
09. Seasons - Bobby Hughes
10. Bye Bye Blues - Bang Bang
11. Pauls’s Pal - Paul Hunter
music file

Hi:Fidelity Lounge Vol. 2
Licenced To Chill [2000]

01. You, My Baby & I - Alex Gopher
02. Incident At Gate 7 - Thievery Corporation
03. Funky For You - Deadbeats
04. Adore - I:Cube
05. El Capitalismo Foraneo - Gotan Project
06. Too Old To Die - Troublemakers
07. Roll Call - Pablo
08. Brasilikum - Butti49
09. Remember Me - Elak
10. Destinations - Schmoov
11. Planetary Deadlock - Beanfield
12. Cool (Barbare) - Samia Farah
music file pt.1
music file pt.2

Hi:Fidelity Lounge Vol. 3
Cosmopolitan Grooves [2001]

01. M.Dupont - The Dining Rooms
02. Fatigue Univerelle - Troublemakers
03. Soul Vibration - J-Walk
04. Smooth - Alex Cortiz
05. French Letter - J-Walk
06. Skyscaper - Kinobe
07. Domestic Transfer - Brace
08. Kalas - Butti 49
09. Samba Tranquille - Thievery Corporation
10. Blue Grassland - Soulstance
11. Plain Song - Sidewinder
12. The Projects - Brother Of Soul
music file

Hi:Fidelity Lounge Vol. 4
Res Ipsa Loquitur [2003]

01. Bakerloo - King Of Woolworths
02. Teddy Acapulco - Vono Box
03. The Shark - Bonobo
04. You - The Dining Rooms
05. Inside - The Funky Lowlives
06. Fresh Rhythm - Quantic
07. The Water And The Sun - Zeb
08. Funky, Not Stinky - Organic Grooves
09. Me & Yoko Ono - Tosca
10. A Special Morning - Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band
11. Bare Bones - Blue States
12. Departures - Karminsky Experience Inc.
music file

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The decadence of the 80s (Part 23). [repost]

Due to the very important today's US (s)election ;) I got something special for you. This is a repost from 22nd of November, 2007:

Great events often are forshadowed, so are the presidential elections in the United States of A. on 4th of November 2008. Even if it lasts almost one year to this fateful elections for the American people, it can't be too early for me to made my own thoughts about all this. Finally I took my own choice by now, and I'm sure, the Americans would take it all easier, if they could choose that way, I can and I want to do. My vote goes to CLARENCE REID! :-)

But I have to warn you: If you are highly strung, don't listen to this, and for all others, have fun! For this mix I putted the first and the second part together, that's all. I really hope you ENJOY! Floyd Anderson.

Here is the info:

BLOWFLY - The First Black President (chronovisor mix v1.0) [1983]
music file