Saturday, May 03, 2008

The decadence of the 80s (Part 35).

Hello all!

This could be the last track of this blog for a while. For details please look at the next posting, and for much more details, I ask you to wait for, not being sure, what will come in the next future.
This track in itself, and with all versions, is one of my alltime favourites, and therefore I really worked hard on it, and I was very accurate on special details, because I thought, it's so important on one hand to keep the originality of the music, and on the other hand to push the own ideas into this 'mini-symphony'.
I think, basically, this one is a good effort, and it's also representable for this blog, and it stands exactly for what I usually want to bring out in music. And finally I know that almost all others out there in the world, who do similar things with music, are 'slaved' to the rhythm... :-)
You would make me happy, if you only take a good and easy listen and have a nice time. ENJOY! Floyd Anderson.

This special song is dedicated to Marlene.

Here is the info:

'Slave To The Rhythm'
(chronovisor mix)
music file


dreamtime said...

liked it so much I made a post about it!


Floyd Anderson / chronovisor said...

Much appreciated!



Jörg G. said...

absolutly brilliant, I hear this mix very often. Thank you very much for this very fine work.

Floyd Anderson / chronovisor said...

Hallo Joerg!

Ich habe deinen Kommentar erst jetzt gefunden. Danke dafuer, und noch viel Spass und Freude mit diesem, OK? :-)