Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The decadence of the 80s (Part 32).

Sometimes I will be asked to do something for somebody in case of music. Then I feel very special and very honoured. A few weeks ago, and that's not the first time, I again was asked by Denmark's own Niels, who runs a fantastic fan website of a great band from England, they let us have their inspirative music since 1978, to do something special to appear on his latest project 'fan mix of the month'. And I said yes, and I said thank you, and I did something special hopefully, and now he released it on this section of his website. Therefore again I have to say thank you. Below you can find some lovely words he found and also a nice artwork he did. So there really is nothing more to say than ENJOY! Floyd Anderson.

March 2008.

Floyd Anderson, aka Chronovisor, makes a welcome return this month and you may remember him for the excellent re-edit he did of Seconds for the Dare 2007 Fan Mix project. You can check that mix and his other details out here. This time round he's made a re-edit of a single that to this day has divided fans. Soundtrack To A Generation was written by Philip Oakey/Neil Sutton, produced by Bob Kraushaar and released October 1990. Reaching the dizzy heights of no 77 in the UK Singles Charts, it was the bands worst chart position since the early days of putting out singles in the late 70s. And it was the first sign of the struggle that was to last through the early 90s as they broke with Virgin Records after releasing the single. It sounded like one of the tracks from the Romantic? album with hit potential and boasted a great chorus and some nippy electro doodelings. But many fans couldn't really get past the "oh wow, holy cow" bit, which in fairness maybe wasn't Oakey's finest lyrical moment. That lyrical faux pas is still included in Floyd's mix, but he has done a great job in creating a ol' fashioned extended version that the original release lacked (even if the Orbit Mix did come close). Using the original version, as well as the acapella version, it builds up nicely and really gives you the feel of a classic 12" mix.

Here is the info:

Soundtrack To A Generation
(chronovisor mix)
music file

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