Thursday, November 15, 2007

The decadence of the 80s (Part 21).

Denmarks own Niels created a fantastic anniversery section on his website, which is featuring THE HUMAN LEAGUE (the link is located below), and he started a fan mix competition the last weeks. Finally my mix has taken place on his website, I appereciated so much. Talented he is, he also created a very nice artwork, which I am allowed to post here. Below you also can find some lovely words he wrote.
Thanks again Niels!

Week 6:

The Human League's long and impressive career is certainly worth celebrating and since the band has decided to celebrate it with a Dare theme, I thought this site should do the same! So I've teamed up with some talented DJ's and music fanatics from around the world, who in the past has made themselves noted on the web with some great edits of Human League classics. And I've asked them to do some exclusives versions of tracks from the Dare album as a joint venture with, which will be put online in the coming weeks, as we count down to the Dare 2007 Tour.

Next in line is Austria's own Floyd Anderson, another prominent member of the blogspot mix community. You may know him better as Chronovisor, mastermind behind the excellent chronovisor mix v1.0 of You Remind Me Of Gold, Being Boiled and Total Panic, all released on his blog. And with a track record like that he was another obvious choice to ask to do a mix for this project. He was very happy to help out and he really came up trumphs with an marvelous extended version of Seconds.

Source: the-black-hit-of-space

Here is the info:

THE HUMAN LEAGUE - Seconds (chronovisor mix v1.0) [1981]
music file

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