Monday, November 12, 2007

chronovisor mix series vol. 1

Dearest all over the world!

Folks, this is a premiere! And I've absolutely no idea, if I will let this continue. I felt that this work must have been done sooner or later. Much earlier in my life I was DJing (I mentioned that some time somewhere), and everyone, who have been a DJ for a while knows that this is a damned virus, which won't leave you the whole life.

I always was and still am a very conservative mixer. My ideal on this is PAUL OAKENFOLD from the late 90s and in the millenium year. For all my mix series I surrender the tracklist, because it's more exiting not to know, what you get. But no worries, you'll find the track names in the mp3 tag of your player.

Enough words now, get your kick! It's all minimal traaaaance! ENJOY! Floyd Anderson.

Here is the info:

chronovisor mix series vol.1 - demo crazy? ...or just another moment of silence? [2007]
music file

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