Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A collaboration experiment (Part 7).

"This is what Edith Piaf used to say:
Use your faults, use your defects, then you're gonna be a star!"

"I was amazed, when I first saw Grace Jones. She was the first to take radical fashion out of its predictable Parisienne context and bring it into the music scene, where I had always thought it come. The first night watching her in language, I origin decided to work with her. That night she was singing her hit song 'I Need A Man' to a room full of shreeping gay bobbysockses..."
ENJOY! Floyd Anderson.

Here is the info:

This collaboration experiment consists of
'The Frog And The Princess' and
'Slave To The Rhythm (Blooded)'.

'Ladies And Gentlemen: Miss Grace Jones'
(chronovisor collaboration)
music file


Cygnet Committee said...

Shes got some great songs and I love her voice. Nice collab!

Floyd said...


I'll be amazed, when I have a look to a very special person the first time in my life...