Sunday, April 01, 2007

The ignorance of the 90s.

No worries folks outside all over the world, the decadence of the 80s will be continued of course, I promise, but I felt it was time to move directly to the next decade of wonderful music. And the "ignorance" is meant positive, because in this decade the composers, musicians, producers, and whoever else in the biz, began to ignore the usual ways of recording, producing and mixing tunes in a way, that many voices told us, that this would be the real end of music. Anyway, here is the opposit. A band, founded unbelievably way back in 1984 by Jon Marsh, which had several years to do before they got their first hit in 1990. I bring you a song, produced three years later. And I'm not sure, if these two versions, I made the mix from, featuring a great guest artist, were released before, but if yes, let me know, but now and firstly ENJOY! Floyd Anderson.

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Here is the info:

You've Got Me Thinking (chronovisor mix v1.0) [1993]
music file


Cygnet Committee said...

Cool Song! I don't know the original though, but I like Neneh Cherry's music.

Floyd Anderson / chronovisor said...

Thanks, seems to be indeedly the same rhythm as "7 seconds" by NENEH, a bit hit of her.