Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The diffidence of the 70s (Part 12).

Hello music.blog.lovers!

Today it's four years that I made the very first posting in this blog, and, as you can see, the blog still is open.
Lots of things happened since then, I moved a continent, I got married, and some smaller things happened as well.
I continue with my tradition on this special day presenting you mixes from very talented colleges from all over the world.
It's always difficult to mix songs from the pre-technology time, there to find the best ballance, giving a tune the right verve.
The today's piece of soul music fullfills all that, so, listen carefully!

P.S.: Thanks for your loyalty over the last years! I love you all for that! :-)

Here is the info:

What's Going On
(fuTuRo reFresh Extended Mix)

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