Friday, August 29, 2008

The decadence of the 80s (Part 43).

Today it is right time to bring back memories. Yes - back memories of a german artist, who started his career in the mid 60s, ending after over 40 years, when he died at least two years ago. He got huge successes in every single decade with different aliases, and of course with his own name, which was DRAFI DEUTSCHER, as well.
It also is the right time to bring other mixers right here on the cover, who have the same spirit of mixing, which also is to find on strictlymixes. But it is a pretty pity, that I do not know anything of the todays mixers background, probably someone of you could help me with this, I am sure, there is more to get from him.
Anyway - just lend your ears to this fantastic romantic track, which is mixed so very well. I just can take a bow to the mixer, and to all listeners.

Here is the info:

Guardian Angel
(The Mixdoctor Edit 2005)
music file

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