Thursday, July 03, 2008

The diffidence of the 70s (Part 7).

Today I have the big honour to present you a fabulous musician, who had probably the most influence in my life since I know his music (which only begun to me in 1983).
The tune was the first in a row of the so-called Columbia Studio E recording sessions, which started in 1972 and ended with his mid-70s-retirement in 1976. One year earlier he played his last concert in Japan. His retirement because of abusing drugs and being sick should last at least 5 years, rather he did rise again like the Phoenix from the cinder.
The today's track is a very fine blues he recorded on March 9, 1972. Interestingly he didn't release it immediatly, but 2 years later on his last studio album of the 70s 'Getting Up With it'. For me it's just a pity that he didn't release some more songs of this genre, but I'm happy with that one anyway. I myself just stretched it, and, my gosh, it wasn't too easy finding a way making the song as easy listening as it is at least. Just.....
ENJOY! Floyd Anderson.

Here is the info:

The performers:
MILES DAVIS: electric trumpet
CORNELL DUPREE: electric guitar
MICHAEL HENDERSON: electric bass guitar
AL FOSTER: drums
JAMES 'MTUME' FOREMAN: percussions
WADE MARCUS: brass arrangements (the brass players are not known)
BILLY JACKSON: rhythm arrangements

Red China Blues
(chronovisor mix)
music file

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