Sunday, March 16, 2008

Südafrika / South Africa / Suid Afrika


It was today, and it happened suddenly, that I decided to introduce (bekendstel) you music groups, musicians or singers from specific coutries of the world in no order and in sporadic time distances. And I'll begin with the country of South Africa (Suid Afrika). But why that? Because yesterday I was able to speak live and online to a wonderful person, who was born and growing up in that country, which I'm very interested in and meanwhile lives in a country, which I'm also interested in, even more, than in the other one.
I think, we had a very positive first acoustical contact, and my English pronounciation wasn't that horrible, I was afraid of.
So that person is a woman (what did YOU expect, häääh...?) ;-), and shes is a very talented mixer of music, which I was able to get to know since approx. one year, because she also is a member of the world wide spreaded field of the community. I saw some mixes of her floating around in the www beside of her lovely blog, and that's a good thing to know.
Some time in the last months I promised to rip her a long player (langspeelplaat) (?) from the 80s of the KALAHARI SURFERS, which are not very wellknown outside of the southern part of Africa, and even probably in the UK, where I got this record from. But as lazy as I am, I didn't do anything in that case so far, so there had to be found another solution for that promising problem I had.
Blessed with luck I found this lovely band yesterday, and I really want to lay it on all your hearts, ladies and gentlemen. Give a try, give a listen!
The today's posting exclusively is dedicated to Mrs. Marlene 'Marjorie' Simpson. ;-) Thank you very much for your inspiration! Ek bin baie dankbaar vir alles! :-)

Here is the info:

'Dance Sum More - All The Hits So Far'
music file


Cygnet Committee said...

Marjorie is aparently blushing and indeed very honoured by this nice post today about the music of the old country!
She says 'Baie dankie Meneer Chronovisor'

Floyd Anderson / chronovisor said...

Thankyou Marlene!

I appreciate that so much! I guessed you know the group, but I also found it as a very good representation of your very home country.
So, we read (and hear) each other soon, don't we? ;-)



Dodi said...

Dear Floyd,
Just came to tell you that I'm still around...and...watching you :)
I'm currently busy with some other projects and have not much time to make remixes...but I'll be back.
Kepp your blog as hot as it is...
Ragrds from Dodi

Floyd Anderson / chronovisor said...

Hey Dodi !

Glad to have you back, I'm very interested on your new work you'll do soon, hopefully!