Thursday, November 08, 2007

The decadence of the 80s (Part 19).

ACT! - like, know? ;-) (Part 1)

Today I proudly present you a shorttime collaboration between PROPAGANDA vocalist, CLAUDIA BRÜCKEN and cult favourite electro pioneer THOMAS LEER. The pair released a handful of smart singles and one album before deciding to cut and run. Satirizing the glitz and indulgence of the entertainment industry, the first release came at a time when perhaps the public had grown weary of the promotional style of ZTT and just didn't 'buy' it. Ultimately, the duo suffered the cynicism of the industry they lampooned.
Text source: Discogs Webpage.

And why Part 1? Well I already now decided to lay my hands on a second song from this funny collaboration. But later more. If I'm not completely wrong, this special 'chronovisor mix' is a request from somebody sometimes back in those days. :-) This version ist chronovised, dreamtimed, crossovered, cygnetized, razormaided, disconeted, mastermixed, you name it, from the 'extended version', from the 'naked civil version' and from the 'that's entertainment version'. The today's song is dedicated to all my mixing friends outside all over the world. Keep all the love from me, and please keep faith with me! ENJOY! Floyd Anderson.

Here is the info:

ACT - Snobbery & Decay (chronovisor mix v1.0) [1987]
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