Sunday, July 01, 2007

The ignorance of the 90s (Part 5).

I have absolutely no idea, why the project of Toby Marks was so much presented to me in the last weeks. Maybe it's the timelessness of the music he produces, and I can tell you, I like it very much. Unbeliebably I have noticed, that the first three albums couldn't get a real release (nothing more, than tapes, but very high quality ones), because of the unlegality of samples he used in his songs; can't get it until today. But so, they are very listenable highlights now in electonic sounds of the early 90s.

The next tune I present you I used to get from - you'll know it - DreamTime, he posted a few weeks ago. I gave it a huge listen and made my own thing. It's a kind of a 'double-mix' of the main tune from the second release of Toby Marks' project. For more information and an overdose of good music visit the of DrimeTime. But now, do me a favour and ENJOY! Floyd Anderson.

Here is the info:

This is the tape, where the original version appears.

BANCO DE GAIA - Desert Wind (chronovisor mix v1.0) [1992]
music file

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